I’m a regional painter working mostly in and around Western Pennsylvania. My main focus is how the landscape feels at different times. This results in what subjects are selected and how they are painted. I do this on a daily basis. So you’ll see a lot of different subjects, but they are unified by a single theme, truthful observation.

My studio is open to visitors, but please call ahead for an appointment. I especially enjoy showing my most recent work. The studio address is 208 Main Street, Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville), PA 15201. I’m located on the 2nd floor of a large brick building directly across from the Citizen’s Bank parking lot, just off Butler Street. Here is my cell: 412.216.1914

A note about pricing and availability, most paintings on this site are at my studio. However, some may be hanging in juried exhibitions, in various galleries or museum shows, and some may be sold. I chose to include some images that are currently unavailable to show my most recent and representative work. Contact me and I can tell you more about availability and options.

What is Plein Air painting?
Simply stated it is painting directly from life. It comes from the French phrase, “en plein aire” meaning in the open air. Something happens when an artist is confronted directly with the subject. It probably has something to do with the spirit of a place. I believe that spirit can makes its way into the artist and the work.

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