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Fine Art Connoisseur
Looking Local Ron Donoughe’s Paintings of Western Pennsylvania
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Labor and Landscape
100 Paintings of the Allegheny Mountain Region by Ron Donoughe
May, 2017

Outdoor Painter
Ron Donoughe’s Allegheny Mtns Paintings in PA
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90.5 WESA Essential Pittsburgh
My Life in Paintings: Pittsburgh Artist Ron Donoughe on His Craft
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90.5 WESA Essential Pittsburgh
Paintings of 90 Neighborhoods Capture Moments in Time
June, 2015 » Listen to the interview

90 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods
The paintings and experiences of artist Ron Donoughe
May, 2015

Painter shows off ’90 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods’ in 1 exhibit
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AIA Pittsburgh
90 Neighborhoods: Ron Donouge’s Love Letter to Pittsburgh
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Two of Ron's books standing next to each other

Essence of Pittsburgh & Paintings of Indiana County, Pennsylvania

The Pitt News
Painting Pittsburgh, one neighborhood at a time
May, 2015 » Read the story

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
City Scenes: 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods pose for their portraits
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KDKA CBS Pittsburgh
Local Artist Spends a Year Painting all 90 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods
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Shady Ave Magazine
Artist Profile: Ron Donoughe Captures Pittsburgh
Summer 2015

NEXT Pittsburgh
Painting 90 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods, A to Z
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The Artist’s Magazine, July/August 2014
Brushing Up article by Ron Donoughe

Designing Home Lifestyles, Spring 2011
Featured article about Ron Donoughe
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Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
Sommer Toffle
May, 2009

Paintings of Indiana County Pennsylvania
Michael Hood, Dean, College of Fine Arts
The University Museum at Indiana University Of PA
April, 2010

Pittsburgh City Paper
A Conversation with Ron Donoughe,
July, 2007 » Read the story

LaRoche College Magazine
A Solitary Endeavor: Experiencing the Work of Ron Donoughe
Summer 2007 » Read the story (PDF – 2.5mb)

Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Artist Ron Donoughe magnifies subtleties of local landscape
November, 2006 » Read the story

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Artist captures city’s soul in its landscape
November, 2001 » Read the story

Roselind MacLennan
Western Pennsylvania Art Writer
September, 1993

Alice Winn
Contrast Magazine
October, 1999

Donoughe has a gift of turning the mundane into something spectacular, whether that is an overcast spring morning with deep dramatic grays or a vibrant multicolored alleyway. His work emits a tranquil beauty that only a keen eye and exceptional talent can create. His application of lighting and color appears effortless in his compositions and his use of color theory is brilliant as he blurs the line between impressionism and realism. The dedication to his craft of plein air painting is inspirational.

Sommer Toffle
Curator’s Statement, A Changing Landscape from the City to the Countryside
Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art,
May, 2009

Ron Donoughe is a painter whose work deserves careful viewing. Many of the paintings are small, intimate, and particular, but in aggregate, they speak to a larger vision, one that transcends the specific, the local, even the regional. I think they demonstrate what plein air painting ought to be. Ron captures moments in time and space and emotion that connect us not only to those times, spaces and places, but to each other as observers and as feeling human beings.

This body of work gives me a feeling of comfort as I recognize the familiar sights we associate with Indiana, Pennsylvania, Indiana County, and IUP. I believe they can bring the same sense of belonging and of home to viewers far removed from here. This work also serves as a fine example to those who practice the craft of plein air painting: No matter the subject of the depicted scene, or the technical gifts of the painter, the person and the soul of the artist must be present if the painting is to achieve its full potential. These paintings speak to a technically talented craftsman whose choices and insights go beyond technique. They speak to art and to a personal truth that is as warm and inviting and generous as Ron Donoughe is as a person. I am proud to claim Ron as a graduate of IUP’s fine program in Art and pleased to introduce this new collection to all of you.

Michael Hood
IUP College of Fine Arts

Foreword to the book,
Paintings of Indiana County, Pennsylvania
April, 2010

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