My twin brother recently designed a large mural for the city of Burlingame, CA. He included one of my paintings of eucalyptus trees into the mural. The Fall Newsletter from the Burlingame Historical Society states:

What’s in a letter? At a whopping 15ft. tall and 47ft. long, “Greetings” is nearly as wide as a typical Burlingame parcel. Comprised of 3,195 individual, Italian-made tiles, each piece was digitally printed and fired in Florida, color-proofed and number-coded before shipment to the building site here in Burlingame. The tiles were installed between June 28th and mid-July by a team of 1-2 tilers each day, frequently using a hydraulic lift. Each of the 10 letters is about 5 feet tall and depicts something significant to our city. We chose from both old and new images that also depict photographic technologies ranging from lithography to iPhone imagery—all woven together into a beautifully modern design. Fun Fact! Two of the images are from twins: Local resident Don Donoughe, the mural’s designer, contributed the iPhone image of the ducks at Anza Lagoon–the “A”. His twin brother, artist Ron Donoughe, contributed the oil painting image of eucalyptus trees—the “I”.