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New Exhibition of Pittsburgh Scenes

You are invited to a new exhibition of Pittsburgh Scenes. The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is hosting an exhibition and celebration of my work. It opens August 5th from 1-4 pm. The PCA also will be recognizing my contribution to the Pittsburgh artistic scene with food, music and a special program. I'll also be releasing a special edition set of note cards from the 90 Neighborhood collection. This event [...]

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The Strip Magazine

Ron Donoughe: Master of Local Landscape I'm delighted to be featured in The Strip Magazine. Donald Miller, the retired Pittsburgh Post-Gazette art critic, wrote it. “I guess I see myself as a throwback. After painting for 30 years, I’ve come to appreciate what my first painting instructor said: paint what you know. Lawrenceville is my neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh. I have no need to make paintings of the [...]

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Feature Article in Fine Art Connoisseur

I am excited to share with you an article about my work recently published in Fine Art Connoisseur. "Projects like this should be pursued across the U.S. for all sorts of reasons, but especially because they compel us to see — really see — where we live, and thus who we are, how we resemble and differ from one another. Donoughe’s installations make permanent such self-recognition — a valuable contribution [...]

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SAMA Exhibition: Labor and Landscape

Labor and Landscape, an exhibition featuring 100 paintings of Cambria and Blair Counties at  The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Loretto.  The Exhibition ran from April 21-October 7, 2017. Here is a link to the curator's Labor and Landscape Introduction.   “Indeed, there are few spots in Cambria County that Donoughe has left unconsidered.  One of the most remarkable things about Labor and Landscape is the breadth of the artist’s [...]

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Pennnsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia recently acquired “Essence of Pittsburgh” for its permanent art collection. The work is mostly from Pittsburgh and the surrounding region. If you visit the Convention Center, you’ll find it on the second-floor hallway at the top of the escalator.

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IUP Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

It was indeed an honor to receive an IUP Distinguished Alumni Award in April 2017. At an Awards Gala, I was recognized along with fellow alumni: Colin Helms ’93; Alan Herman ’79, M’71; C.J. Jaynes ’79, M’82; Benjamin McAdoo ’00; Leslie Miller Purser ’80; and James Rose ’90. Here's the link to the entire article in the IUP Magazine.  

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Heinz History Center Acquires 90 Neighbrhoods

Thanks to everyone, especially the Pittsburgh foundations, for making this project a reality – and a piece of Pittsburgh history. Inspired by a map, I painted the neighborhoods in alphabetical order and completed the project within a single year in order to capture the changing seasons. It can be seen on the 4th floor of the Senator John Heinz History Center. The History Center gift shop is also selling the 90 Neighborhoods book. [...]

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